Monday, November 3, 2008

Politics of Change

I haven't dealt with topic to much. Better late then late then never. I've been a staunch Obama Supporter since last fall of 2007. Initially i thought it was going to be hard for me to chose between Obama and Clinton, but as the primaries dragged on it became clear. For my part I researched the voting records of both candidates and if neither of them came out with flying colors I had a third party and Rethuglican choice as a last resort. Obama for me was the only who's voting record matched his rhetoric on the trail. Another tool that I use, to judge the candidates by how they run their campaign. As the race ran on again the only candidate that came out on top was Obama. You gotta love candidate dubbed "No drama Obama". The icing on the cake is the fact that instead of spending time fear mongering and smearing he spoke mostly about the issues at hand. I never left a speech feeling angry and fearful, but hopeful for something better then what I had and I had the power to make that change.
Another thing that I truly love is the way they as a family love each other and show it. It's natural and radiates to everyone else around. Looking at them warms my heart.

The First Family

We've Got Work To Do

Stand By Me

Moments of Zen:

"My Friends"
The Musical

"Wassup!! Eight years Later"

Obama Is Here

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