Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Night I Will Remember Forever!!

Election Night
It was 11/4/08, my nerves were already on edge I hadn't slept a full 6 hours in two days. Earlier that morning I stood in line for about an hour before the sun came up. There I was 10:30 pm, laying on the floor, pretending to be doing some homework with my eyes glued to the television screen. In the middle of my jittery nervous crazyness and obsession with watching the poll numbers come in my mom calls. She didn't want anything but the usual; needing assistance with sending an email with an attachment. As I was walking her through the steps I could hear cheering coming from the TV. In my nervous excitment i went to the Tv to see what other state was just won...but...wait... I see 284 electoral votes.
"Mom am I seeing that right?!
"What are you talking about? Let me go to the TV."
"Mom he got more then the needed 270 electoral votes to win! HE WON! HE WON! OH MY GOD! HE WON!! AAAGGHHHH!! AAAAGGGHHH!! AAGGGGHHHH!!
Some where in between screaming for joy and sobbing I lost connection with my mom and dropped to my knees. All the donating, volunteering, waiting in line to vote,sign holding, informing, emailing, canvassing, rallying by countless supporters paid off. Every tear that fell felt like a realease of the last eight years of frustration.
It took me a while to get my thoughts together to figure out how I wanted to express what I was feeling, but no words can even come close and I'm not even sure I've fully processed the history that has just been made. It's like I'm dreaming.
I look forward to seeing Barack and Michelle Obama in the white house with those adorable little girls.
I've found a few videos that help put this historic event in context.

A Night To Remember:

My Feelings Exactly

What The World Has Been Waiting For

Moments of Zen


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